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TAD – Transatlantic Dialogues

The Transatlantic Dialogue (TAD) will be organized from 9 to 11 June 2022 in Roskilde (Denmark) on the theme : "Strategic Management of Public Sector Transformation in Turbulent Times: Enhancing Collaborative Governance and Co-creation of Public Value".

Under this theme, TAD16 will organize a broad range of workshops led by pairs of American and European scholars.

1.Building capacities for collaborative governance and co-creation through strategic management

2.Enhancing public performance through interagency and cross-sector collaboration

3.Public innovation through networks of public and private actors: theory and practice

4.Improving the performance of contracts, procurement and public-private partnerships

5.Co-creating public value outcomes with citizens and voluntary organizations

6.Public leadership and motivation in public value production

7.Designing institutional platforms and arenas for collaborative governance and co-creation

8.Political leadership and policy entrepreneurship in a turbulent world of collaborative governance

9.Democratic legitimacy and accountability in collaborative governance arrangements

There will also be several keynote speeches, a roundtable discussion of public governance responses to COVID-19 and an interesting social program.

Workshops' description : https://events.ruc.dk/tad16/workshops
Sing-up for the Conference :https://events.ruc.dk/tad16/signup
Consult the TAD16 Website :https://events.ruc.dk/tad16/conference

Deadline for abstracts : April 1st
Feedback to participants : March 15th
Registration deadline : May 1 st
Paper upload : June 1st


  • The TAD16 host country, Denmark, has now lifted all restrictions.
  • We therefore expect TAD16 to run without complications.

For the latest updates on travelling to Denmark,https://en.coronasmitte.dk/travel-rules/covidtravelrules

TAD – Transatlantic Dialogues


Established in 2005 under the EGPA strategic plan 2004-07, the Transatlantic Dialogues (TADs) is a series of conferences that was initiated to address contemporary issues and challenges in public governance, public administration and public management arising from both sides of the Atlantic and to gather academics and practitioners around the joint investigation of key topics through comparative methods and approaches.

The leading role in conceiving the TADs series and getting it to take off and thrive was performed by Geert Bouckaert, who at the time of the commencement of the series was President of EGPA and Director of the Institute for Public Management (now Institute for Public Governance) at the Catholic University of Leuven - KU Leuven. He was soon joined, on the other side of the Atlantic, by Marc Holzer, at the time Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, who decisively contributed to make the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) to join EGPA in this venture. Rutgers has since been the holder of the ASPA Memorandum of Understanding for ASPA and hence in charge for the ASPA side to organize the TADs series. Marc was soon flanked at Rutgers by Norma Riccucci who provided a major contribution throughout. Maria Aristigueta at University of Delaware organized the first TAD held on American soil, in 2007, and massively contributed to the development of the dialogues.

Since then, over thirty Conference Co-Chairs, over 150 Workshop Co-Chairs and fourteen ASPA Presidents from the American side (flanked by the total support of the successive directors of ASPA, currently William - Bill - P. Shields Jr.) and three EGPA Presidents from the European side (with the invaluable support of Fabienne Maron, currently scientific director of IIAS and for fifteen years also executive secretary to EGPA) have enabled and supported the TADs. And, of course, a total of nearly a thousand participants (at the time this book goes to press) have contributed to make the successive TAD conferences a success.

The main purpose of TADs is to bridge the two scholarly communities – American and European - and the respective traditions of research and cognitive paths in such a way that new syntheses may arise, with the ultimate purpose of furthering research and developing a common research agenda across the two sides of the Atlantic. The series is nowadays a mainstay in public administration: it has become an “institutional venue for the entire field of public administration, not just in Europe and the US, but worldwide.

Learned Society Partners


European Group for Public Administration

The European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) is the leading learned society in the field of administrative sciences on the European continent, and a regional group of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS).

EGPA supports the development of the IIAS and makes a major contribution to the achievement of the Institute's mission to develop public administration and public service worldwide.

EGPA aims to become the European Platform for Public Administration, involving specialist researchers as well as practitioners.

EGPA contributes to the development of science and research in public administration through its 23 Permanent Study Groups and its specialized seminars on relevant contemporary themes. EGPA also contributes to the development of the profession by providing a unique platform for exchanging best practices that support the work of public administrations and practitioners


American Society for Public Administration

The American Society for Public Administration is the leading interdisciplinary public service organization that advances the art, science, teaching, and practice of public and non-profit administration, promotes the value of joining and elevating the public service profession, builds bridges among all who pursue public purposes at home and internationally, provides networking and professional development opportunities to those committed to public service values, and achieves innovative solutions to the challenges of governance. link


Place and dates Themes and sub-themes Hosting institutions
TAD 1 Leuven, Belgium 2-5 June 2005 Main theme : Ethics and integrity of governance WS 1 : Integrity in Regulation and Accountability; WS 2: The Ethical Administrators : Comparative and Contemporary Perspectives; WS 3 : Ethical Cultures and the Private And Public Sectors; WS 4 : New Developments and the Ethics of Governance; WS 5: The Dark Side of Ethics. Public Management Institute KU Leuven
TAD 2 Leuven, Belgium 1-3 June 2006 2-5 June 2005 Main theme : Ethics and integrity of governance WS 1 : Integrity in Regulation and Accountability; WS 2: The Ethical Administrators : Comparative and Contemporary Perspectives; WS 3 : Ethical Cultures and the Private And Public Sectors; WS 4 : New Developments and the Ethics of Governance; WS 5: The Dark Side of Ethics. Public Management Institute KU Leuven
TAD 3 Delaware, USA 31 May – 2 June 2007 Main theme : Leading the Future of the Public Sector WS 1: Leading for the Future;  WS 2: Diverse Leaders and Leading a Diverse Workforce;  WS 3: Training and Developing Leaders ; WS 4: Leading in a Multi-Sector Environment ; WS 5: Leadership and the New Public Management ; WS 6: Ethical Leadership in the Context of Globalization. nstitute of Public Administration University of Delaware
TAD 4 Milan, Italy 12 -14 June, 2008 Main theme: The Status of Inter-governmental Relations and Multi-level Governance in Europe and the US WS 1: Theories and theoretical perspectives for investigating IGR/Multi-level governance; WS 2: The dynamics of IGR at the national, supranational (EU) and international (UN) level; WS 3: Policy formulation processes in IGR settings: models and perspectives of analysis; WS 4: Policy implementation across levels of government: models and perspectives of Analysis; WS 5 : Performance measurement and accountability in IGR-MLG; WS 6: IGR in the healthcare sector. Bocconi University
TAD 5 Washington, D.C. 11-13 June 2009 Main theme: The Future of Governance in Europe and US WS 1: Can the public Sector reestablish its legitimacy? WS 2: Financing Governance: Managing Commitments over the long Term; WS 3: The Contribution of other Disciplines to the Debate on Governance; WS 4: Transparency and accountability in Governance: Evolving Concepts of accountability for Governmental and non-Governmental actors; WS 5: How will Emerging Technologies Transform Governance: Emergent Forms of public Deliberation and Collaboration; WS 6: Collaboration, hybrid Governance and networking. Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Administration of George Washington University
TAD 6 Siena, Italy 24-26 June 2010 Main theme: Rethinking Financial Management in the Public Sector WS 1: Budgeting Challenges of the Future: Can Economy, efficiency, Effectiveness and accountability all be accommodated? ; WS 2: Accounting for Improvement: What kinds of information do we need to effectively monitor implementation and management? ; WS 3: Managing the Financial ship: preparing the next generation of public financial managers. WS 4: Performance and Financial Reporting: expanding transparency and audit comprehension among stakeholders. WS 5: Possibilities of Public Financial Management Systems: capacity in periods of economic growth and decline Department of Business and Social Studies, University of Siena
TAD 7 Newark, NJ, USA 23-25 June 2011 Main theme: Strategic Management of Public Organizations WS 1 : Strategic Management in Public Organizations and Services: State of Theory and Research; WS 2 : Strategic Management, Politics, Democracy and Good Governance; WS 3: The Forms, Processes, Tools, Techniques and Technologies of Strategic Management in and of Public Organizations and Services; WS 4: Strategic Management and Public Services Innovation and Reforms; WS 5: Strategic Management in the Public Services – difficulties and disappointments in good times; WS 6: Strategic Partnerships, Networks, and Strategic Commissioning in the Public Sector. Rutgers University Newark – New Jersey, USA
TAD 8 Nijmegen, The Netherlands 7-9 June 2012 Main theme: Transitions in Governance WS 1: New Public Governance: complex systems and networks; WS 2: Avoiding, Managing and Shifting Blame: accountability processes in modern day government; WS 3: Leadership qualities, perceptions and actions: Who is doing what, when and how? ; WS 4 Social risks and the role of the state WS 5: Multiple partners at multiple levels: Multi-level governance ; WS 6: The regulatory paradigm: Challenges and innovations in regulatory governance. Radboud University Nijmegen
TAD 9 Baltimore, USA 12-15 June 2013 Main theme: (Re)Building Capacities for Urban Governance WS 1: All politics is glocal:  urban issues, solutions, and outcomes in a multi-leveled, networked globalized society; WS 2: How Do We Know We’re “Improving�? Governance?:  Representing the Public Interest in Pluralistic, Urban Societies; WS 3: Remaining competitive: managing performance for efficient and effective urban service delivery ; WS 4: Leveraging Urban Partnerships: Universities and other nongovernmental organizations as Change Agents in Urban Communities ; WS 5: Cities of the future: How can technology make urban living and governance smarter?  ; WS 6: Do Pro-Business Policies Improve Urban Fiscal Health?  Revisiting the Orthodox View of Urban Public Finance by Improving Financial Management. School of Public and International Affairs University of Baltimore
TAD 10 Lugano, Switzerland 5-7 June 2014 Main theme: From Public Administration to XXI Century Collaborative Administration The role of public networks WS 1: Metrics and methods in collaborative settings WS 2: Institutional relations, network structure and network management: What does it matter? WS 3: Social and cognitive boundaries in collaborative administration WS 4: Where is the pivot of networks? The role of the network manager WS 5: Networks in the Social, Welfare, Cultural, and Emergency Fields: Solution or a Symptom of Rising Complexity. Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano
TAD 11 Boston, USA 3-5 June 2015 Main theme: The Transforming Role of the Public Manager WS 1 – Public personnel policies: Employee Wellbeing and Organizational Performance WS 2 – Have personnel management reforms helped to improve public services? WS 3 – Managing Personnel in Complex Networks WS 4 – How to meet challenges in public personnel administration after the economic crisis? WS 5 – Leadership and organizational effectiveness WS 6 – Considering accountability, considering motivation: creating an ethical and value-driven workforce in a results driven environment University of Boston
TAD 12 Ghent, Belgium 8-11 June 2016 Main theme : How to increase the legitimacy of government in times of crisis? WS 1: Legitimacy, Performance, Satisfaction and Trust; WS 2: Legitimacy, democracy and citizen engagement; WS 3: Legitimacy, discrimination and social equity; WS 4: Managing for legitimate public officials. University of Ghent
TAD 13 Miami, Florida, USA April, 5-8, 2017 Main theme : Sustaining a Democratic Public Sector in an Era of Multiple Challenges and Constraints WS 1: Adapting to or Overcoming Fiscal Constraints; WS 2: Maintaining Democratic Values in Challenging Times; WS 3: Encouraging And Sustaining Diverse and Inclusive Societies; WS 4: International Migration, Changing Demographics and the Rise of Intense Nationalism; WS 5: Managing Organizations to Provide Quality Public Service. Florida International University (FIU)
TAD14 Bucharest, Romania, 7-8 June 2018 Main theme : The Disciplines and the Study of Public Administration: Transatlantic Perspectives WS 1: Behavioral Public Administration and Psychological Perspectives; WS 2: Philosophical, Sociological and Organization Theory Perspectives on Public Administration and Public Leadership; WS 3: Open government, Technology and Public Administration; WS 4: Public Private Partnerships and Economic Perspectives; WS 5: Governance, Accountability and Political Science Perspectives. Bucharest University of Economic Studies
TAD15 New York City, NY-USA , 20-22 October 2019 Main theme : Restoring the Administrative State: Trust, Engagement, Security and Identity Baruch College – Marxe School of Public and International Affairs

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