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The European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) is the major learned society in the domain of administrative sciences on the European continent, and a regional group of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS).
EGPA supports the development of the IIAS and provides a major contribution to the achievement of the mission of the institute: developing public administration and the public service worldwide.
EGPA aims at being the European Platform for Public Administration associating specialized researchers and practitioners.

EGPA Strategy

The EGPA Strategy reflects the double nature of the domain:

  • To public administration as an interdisciplinary field of scientific disciplines, EGPA contributes by providing platforms in most key areas of research and scholarly inquiry in the domain: twenty-two Permanent Study Groups (PSGs) are currently active and our Annual Conference is a major scientific events at continental level.
  • To public administration as an art and a profession, EGPA contributes by providing useful knowledge that may support the work of public servants and agents in Europe and beyond.

EGPA General aims

EGPA aims:

  • to organise and encourage the generation and exchange of knowledge on developments in the theory and practice of public administration
  • to contribute to the development of comparative studies on public administrations in a European perspective
  • to facilitate innovation in ideas and models, methods and techniques relating to public administration
  • to foster the development and consolidation of a community of experts of PA, grouping together recognized scholars, young researchers, and practitioners.

EGPA in Action(s)

To realize its objectives, EGPA implements the following actions: 

  • organising successful annual conferences
  • organising dialogues (Transatlantic Dialogues TAD with ASPA; Trans European Dialogues TED with NISPAcee; and Euro-MENA Dialogues with MENAPAR)
  • establishing and running Permanent Study Groups (currently 23 PSGs on various domains)
  • organising the PhD Symposium and the French Speaking Seminar
  • organising EGPA Virtual workshop series
  • publishing the EGPA Policy Papers on European Governance
supporting the development and finalisation of several scientific publications.

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