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The Steering Committee

The EGPA Steering Committee determines the strategy, the activities and programmes of EGPA.
It is comprised of the President of EGPA, ten members and the Director General of IIAS, ex officio.

The General Assembly

The Assembly meets on the occasion of each EGPA conference.
It is open not only to EGPA members but also to those participants in the conference who are interested in the formulation of the Group’s programmes and its activities in general.

The Director General and Permanent Administrative Team

They assist the President and the Council of Administration in carrying out the functions and work programme for IIAS and its several entities (EGPA, IASIA, LAGPA and AGPA).
The Director General, the Executive Secretary and all the other members of the General Directorate operate from the headquarters of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences in Brussels.

Edoardo ONGARO EGPA President
Sabine KUHLMANN EGPA Vice President
Taco BRANDSEN Member
Karen JOHNSTON Member
Johanna NURMI Member
Jean Michel EYMERI DOUZANS Member
Veiko LEMBER Member
Céline Du BOYS Member
Robert FOUCHET Invited IIAS Publications Director
Andrew MASSEYInvited IRAS Editor in Chief
Juraj NEMECInvited NISPAcee President
Wim van DE DONKEx-Officio EGPA Past President
Geert BOUCKAERTEx-Officio IIAS President
Sofiane SAHRAOUIEx-Officio IIAS Director General
Fabienne MARONSecretariat IIAS Scientific Director

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