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Founded in 1975, the EGPA is the European learned society which brings together, on an interdisciplinary basis, the researchers, research teams and laboratories (from the disciplines of public law, political science, administrative science stricto sensu, public management, public policy, sociology and history) specializing in the scholarly study of public administration, its structures and processes, its servants and their activities.

EGPA is a dynamic network, a friendly epistemic community, and an institution which progressively consolidated as a leading learned society in its field, thanks to the engagement of thousands of talented colleagues, through the chain of generations, and thanks to the strong commitment and leadership of my predecessors as EGPA Presidents.

Its scientific secretariat being established in Brussels within the IIAS headquarters, EGPA is composed of no less than 22 thematic permanent study groups, plus a Francophone Seminar and an insightful PhD symposium. They all meet at least once a year, during our end-of-summer major event: the EGPA Annual Conference, which brings together 400 to 500 participants, each year at a different University of the European area of research and education.

The scientific productivity of the EGPA community is very high. The thousands of papers presented and discussed at our conferences contribute to a constant advancement of the state of the art and cumulated knowledge, which irrigates so many issues of the best international scientific journals and hundreds of monographs or comparative edited volumes with the most prestigious European publishers.

EGPA is not a club of scholars in their ivory tower. Most of us having teaching responsibilities, our association maintains a constant collective reflection upon the needs (and their transformations) in terms of education to be provided to our students so as to ensure that the public administrators of tomorrow will combine a high professionalism with a strong public service ethos, amalgamating the promotion of democracy and the protection of the rule of law.

EGPA, recognizing that public administration is both an interdisciplinary field of academic disciplines and a growingly complex practice or art, also gives a special attention to bridging the gap between scholars and the practitioners of today, and favours knowledge transfer and sharing between them, at all layers of government and by various means (expertise, workshops, surveys etc.).

In addition, our EGPA community, being well aware of the growing importance of the worldwide circulation of ideas, has taken the initiative of establishing sustainable frames of cooperation with North-America (TAD, Trans-Atlantic Dialogue), Central and Eastern Europe (TED, Trans-European Dialogue) and the southern and eastern bank of the Mediterranean See (Euro-MENA dialogue). These initiatives are run in a spirit of intercultural mutual enrichment.

EGPA is a lively organism: long live EGPA!

Prof Dr Jean-Michel EYMERI-DOUZANS – EGPA President

2021 Message of the EGPA President at the occasion of the 2021 EGPA Conference in Brussels

2020 Message of the EGPA President

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