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The Euro-MENA Dialogue is a conference resulting from the strong collaboration between the EGPA and the MENAPAR, aiming to bring together diverse public bodies, scholars and practitioners, research institutions and private corporations to participate and network for the benefits of knowledge exchange, and sharing lessons from practices across and between European and MENA/Arab countries as well as to reach a better understanding of the histories of both regions as they relate to public administration.

This conference aims to strengthen cooperation between European and MENA academics and practitioners. The dialogue aims to share the different conceptions of Public Administration between the European and Middle East and North Africa zones and to exchange ideas about the various PA and PM traditions, approaches, practices and developments (Arab and European conceptions of Public Administration, Public Management developments and PA disciplines and identify specific issues to be further discussed). The main purpose of the dialogue is better understand each other and share common concerns about PA developments in the different regions.

The Euro MENA Dialogues of Public Management are the continuation of the Euro- Mediterranean dialogues of Public Management, MED, that have been held from 2008 to 2014. The Euro MENA is organized every two years.

From 2018, each Euro MENA Dialogue will now propose two themes for the call for papers:

  • a repeating one aiming at building, Dialogue after Dialogue, a global reflexion on Governance and Public Administration in Euro MENA Zone
  • a one-time theme seeking to question different public management issues

Euro MENA Dialogues address civil servants, practitioners, as well as all experts in public management and researchers coming from social sciences and humanities.


Main partners of the Euro-MENA Dialogue (s) and Networks


European Group for Public Administration

The European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) is the leading learned society in the field of administrative sciences on the European continent, and a regional group of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS).

EGPA supports the development of the IIAS and makes a major contribution to the achievement of the Institute's mission to develop public administration and public service worldwide.

EGPA aims to become the European Platform for Public Administration, involving specialist researchers as well as practitioners.

EGPA contributes to the development of science and research in public administration through its 23 Permanent Study Groups and its specialized seminars on relevant contemporary themes. EGPA also contributes to the development of the profession by providing a unique platform for exchanging best practices that support the work of public administrations and practitioners


Middle East and North Africa Public Administration Research Network

is a network of academics and practitioners in MENA region. Establish in 2014, MENAPAR aims to promote evidence-based policy and decision-making in public administration by developing thinking and a research culture about strategic issues in Arab Public Administration; building research capacities within Arab public administration; building networks and joining their collective efforts to set the cause of PA in the region. More information at: link

IMPGT (Aix-Marseille University)

the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance

Established in 1996, IMPGT is the only French Unit of Research and Training, UFR, in Public Management. Dedicated to the teaching of trades and professions related to the management of the public sector, IMPGT approach is multidisciplinary (law, economics and management) extended to social sciences and applies to non-profit sector. Main fields of research are comparative analysis of local government management; performance management in the public sector; public sector marketing and management of public service quality; arts management and cultural events. With an international outlook, IMPGT has developed a particular expertise on the Mediterranean basin. More information: link


Institute of Public Administration of Bahrain

Established in 2006, the Institute works to improve government performance in the areas of policies and strategies, resource management, change management, and government services development through the development of skills, behaviour and knowledge based on learning and training; participation in the decision-making process through consultancy; problem solving by means of scientific research; building and developing capabilities through coaching and assessment. The Institute also works to promote the awareness and culture of government performance through strategic communication. More information: link

LOCAL PARTNERS (see the list of previous MEDs and EURO MENA Dialogues)

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