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EGPA Permanent Study Group XVIII

Justice and Court Administration

Permanent Study Group Co-chairs

Prof. Dr. Andreas Lienhard
University of Bern (Switzerland)
E-mail: andreas.lienhard@kpm.unibe.ch
Mag. Daniel Kettiger
University of Bern (Switzerland)
E-mail: daniel.kettiger@kpm.unibe.ch
Dr. Marco Fabri
Research Institute on Judicial Systems,
National Research Council (Italy)
E-mail: marco.fabri@irsig.cnr.it
Prof Anne Sanders
Bielefeld University (Germany)
E-mail: anne.sanders@uni-bielefeld.de
Prof Dr Philip Langbroek
Utrecht University (The Netherlands)
E-mail: p.m.langbroek@uu.nl
Prof. Dr. Ragna Aarli
University of Bergen (Norway)
E-mail: Ragna.Aarli@uib.no

Contact Person

Tania Munz
University of Bern (Switzerland)
E-mail: Tania.Munz@kpm.unibe.ch