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Mission Statement of EGPA’s PhD Project: Why participate?
EGPA’s PhD Symposium provides an ideal opportunity for young researchers to immerse themselves in an international and interdisciplinary research community. The symposium is right for you, if you are a doctoral student or junior researcher pursuing research in the broadly defined fields of public administration and public management. You’ll be part of an engaged community of your peers and experienced scholars who will share their insights on doing research and also on building an academic and / or professional career. In particular, as a participant of the symposium you will have a chance,

In particular, as a participant of the symposium you will have a chance,

  1. to improve your research skills and to strengthen your background in theoretical and methodological approaches
  2. to present and test your ideas and research approaches in a “risk-free?, yet high-calibre academic setting
  3. to broaden your academic horizon by putting your research in a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective
  4. to develop your own publication and resume-building strategies by way of dialogue with established researchers and academics
  5. to build an international network of young and engaged scholars in the field as a base for future collaborative projects
  6. to win the EGPA PhD Best Paper Award

Format and Organization of the EGPA PhD symposium: What will be offered?
At the heart of the symposium lies the discussion of your papers in small groups. The composition of the discussion groups will reflect the plurality of disciplinary and methodological approaches in the European public administration / management community. Each group will be convened by an established expert in the field.
We will dedicate ample time for in-depth discussion of each contribution. Your presentations, however, are not so much meant to be “conventional? paper presentations as critical reflections on your own research. Based on individual contributions, we will engage in interactive sessions that will give specific feedback and address your questions. In order to facilitate learning from each other, a discussant will be assigned to each presenter. It flows from this that completed papers will be circulated among group participants well ahead of our meeting.
Our workshop content will be driven by your current research interests. To keep discussion groups small and focused, three thematic tracks – running in parallel and being chaired by individual co-convenors – will be formed based on the responses from participants and covering the breadth of our disciplines and fields of expertise in the broad academic community of public administration, management, and policy. It flows from this that our call invites proposals from a rich variety of research areas and approaches – provided your proposal reflects upon the theoretical base of your research design and discusses your methodological approach.
The symposium is open only to invited and active participants. Each accepted participant is expected to deliver a paper, present it during the symposium and act as discussant of another paper. The time frame for each paper will be as follows: presentation by author: 15 to 20 minutes, comments by discussant: 10 to 15 minutes, open debate and reply by author: 15 minutes. Both the presentations and the subsequent feedbacks and discussions are expected to contribute to the improvement of papers and to improve their chance of future publication.
In addition to thematic tracks that run parallel to each other, the organizers in conjunction with distinguished guest speakers will offer 2-3 joint sessions to provide input, for example, on research designs, methodological or theoretical approaches. The two-day symposium is also a forum designed to promote professional networking with other workshop participants as well as members of the European public administration / management research community more generally. To this end, there will be a social event on one of the evenings of the symposium.

Certificates and Best Paper Award
Upon completion of the symposium, all participants will receive a certificate. In addition, the convenors of the symposium will consider the most innovative and rigorous papers for the EGPA PhD Award.


CHAIR: Eckhard Schroeter

German Police University


CO-CHAIR: Christoph Reichard

Potsdam University


LOCAL CO-CHAIR: each year, a local co-chair is designated by the local organising committee.

CONTACT PERSON: Fabienne Maron

IIAS Scientific Director


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