The Newsletter of IIAS, of its Specialised Association (IASIA) and its Regional Groups (EGPA, LAGPA and AGPA) is published three times a year in two language versions (English and French). 

It reports on the activities over the last four months:

  • Research ;
  • Major meeting ;
  • Project, Study and Working Groups;
  • Seminars, etc.

Activities of Members and National Sections: 

  • Visits to the Institute ;
  • the Director General’s movements outside the Institute;
  • Statutory information.  

Also included :

  • New Publications ;
  • General Studies ; 
  • the last number of the Review (IRAS).

Future activities and books to be published in the upcoming weeks are also briefly covered.    

Newsletter 2,40 Mbs  

International Institute of Administrative Sciences |Issue 41 |Winter 2015