EGPA Strategy Report

Implementing and developing the strategic plan (2013-2016) and Designing new strategic priorities (2016-2019)

Advancing knowledge in public administration, developing a thriving community for the study and the practice of public administration.

Please find attached the EGPA Strategy Report including the new priorities for 2016-2019

As a reminder:

The strategic plan for 2014-2016 was prepared by EGPA President and the EGPA Steering Committee.

The EGPA Strategy reflects the very nature of the discipline whose development it aims to serve: public administration as both ‘science’ and ‘art and profession’. To public administration as science, EGPA contributes by providing through the Permanent study Groups (PSGs) platforms that are terms of reference for research in the various subfields and areas of inquiry in the discipline, and through the annual conference and the ‘dialogues’ unique events to advance science through dialogue and scientific critique. EGPA has provided over four decades a major contribution to the discipline and the field, and it will strive to continue to be at the edge of research through its PSGs.

To public administration as art and profession, EGPA contributes by providing a unique platform for actionable knowledge that may support the work of administrators in Europe and beyond. The new ‘EGPA Policy Papers on European Governance’ will offer a major contribution to the debate on the development of European governance, public administration and public service.

The first 2005-2008 EGPA Strategic Plan was approved at its General Assembly of its 2005 Bern conference.

The 2008-2010 EGPA Strategic Plan drafted during the 2007 EGPA Annual Conference followed.

The objectives of these plans were implemented and evaluated in accordance to a rolling system and an implementation chart.

The Strategic plan (2010-2013) was implemented afterwards and evaluated by the EGPA Steering Committee.

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