EGPA Policy Papers on European Governance Issues

  • Policy Paper #1 (2014)

Edoardo Ongaro 

The changed EU governance and administrative reforms in Member States under fiscal stress: Making the case for learning from similar countries  (PDF)

  • Policy Paper # 1 (2017)

Johannes Riedel

Improving Caseload and Workload Systems in Courts and Administrations: Special Types of First Instance Criminal Cases in Regional Courts in Germany (PDF)

  • Policy Paper # 2 (2017) 

Sonia Royo and Ana Yetano

How to keep citizens engaged?  Advantages and disadvantages of online and offline citizen participation (PDF)

  • Policy Paper # 3 (2017) –

Åge Johnsen, Sebastian Desmidt, Bert George, Dag Ingvar Jacobsen, Jan-Erik Johanson (PDF)

Using Strategic Planning in Local Government

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