PhD Symposium – Best Paper Award

How do we acknowledge excellence? Recipients of our Best Paper Award

While the annual workshop is entirely meant to be a non-competitive environment for young researchers to exchange their ideas and approaches without any ‘show-casing’ or ‘grand-standing’ involved, we also wish to encourage and reward paper givers for excellent contributions.

To this end, the conveners of the symposium will consider each year the most innovative and rigorous papers for the annual best paper award. Since its inception in 2011, we have typically seen two recipients for the award so as to highlight PhD projects in both their early and later stages or to represent two distinct research areas in the broad field of public administration and management.

Papers are selected on the grounds of the relevance and originality of their research topics, the soundness of their theoretical foundations, as well as the quality of their research designs and rigor of their methodological approaches.

EGPA PhD Symposium Best Paper Award 2015 goes to Sabine RYS (Antwerp University – Belgium) –  “When the bandwagon leaves:Experimental Research in PA today and tomorrow”

Congratulations are in order to the following recipients of the past Best Paper Awards:

2011 Best Paper Award:

Tobias Krause (Germany):

Managing instruments of change or hollowing out the local government? Predicting external control over municipally owned companies

Andreea Nastase (Hungary)

Administrative ethics in the European Commission: individual attitudes and organizational processes

2012 Best Paper Award

Maryse Tremblay (Canada):

Promoting probity among public officials: the study of the application of the modes of regulation of behaviours in the formulation of anticorruption programs in Germany and Canada

Ole Andreas Danielsen (Norway):

Compound governance and the trans-nationalization of regulation: the case of transnational competition governance

2013 Best Paper Award

Daniel De Bonis (Brazil)

The political appointment of career bureaucrats: senior civil servants and policymaking in Brazil

Bert George (Belgium)

Linking the characteristics and outcomes of formal strategic planning processes: an empirical investigation within a sample of Flemish municipalities

2014 Best Paper Award 

Nadine Raaphorst – Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands”

What to do, how to interpret and how to prove? Uncertainties at the level of the street

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