PSG XX: Welfare State Governance & Professionalism

Thematic orientation

The new permanent study group Welfare State Governance & Professionalism is dedicated to analysis of welfare state reform and of transitions in welfare state arrangements – with particular attention to health care, welfare and education –, as well as analysis of the accompanying restructuring of such professional services. The aim is to provide an intellectual platform for scholars of public administration, public management, organization research, social policy, sociology of professions, health care management and educational sciences, to work together to describe, to explain and to study the impact of the recent restructuring of European welfare states for professional services and the quality of the services they render.

The objectives of the Study Group are to

  1. to understand which welfare state reforms have been adopted in European countries in recent years and, it is hoped, compare them with trends in non-European countries;
  2. to analyse the critical issue of reform processes, in particular with regard to the relationship between theories, policies, policy design, decision making and implementation processes;
  3. to study the implications of reform for professional services, professionalism and professional action, within changing administrative and organizational settings;
  4. to relate reforms to the quality of services rendered, in order to understand whether and how welfare state reforms are ‘improving’ services;
  5. to elaborate new conceptual frameworks that should be interdisciplinary and to propose policy statements and coherent implementation strategies, relating processes to outcomes.

The co-chairs of the PSG XX Welfare state governance and professionalism are

Prof Dr Elio Borgonovi

Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management

Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

[email protected]


Prof Dr Tanja Klenk

Helmut Schmidt University, Germany

[email protected]


Prof Dr Mirko Noordegraaf

Utrecht School of Governance (USG)

Utrecht University, Netherlands

[email protected]


Prof Dr Karsten Vrangbæk

Department of Public Health

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

[email protected]

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