PSG XVIII: Justice and Court Administration


During the past four years, studygroup members have been engaged in several large research projects. We mention: “Basic Research into Court Management in Switzerland” (, financed by the Swiss National Research Fund. Furthermore, studygroup members have been engaged in the Menu for Justice project coordinated by the University of Bologna, in an ongoing European Union (DG justice) co-funded project on operations management in courts (led from the University of Lappeenranta, Finland); in the development of evaluation methodologies for EU legislation on transnational judicial cooperation, and in consultancy efforts for the Regional Cooperation Council located in Sarajevo.

The Studygroup is affiliated with the International Journal for Court Administration ( This Journal functions as an anchor point for a world wide community of experts in court administration. The journal has developed to a world wide audience with about 30.000 page views and 3000 unique visitors per year. Studygroup members publish on a regular basis in this peer reviewed and open access journal.

The studygroup and its network function as a meeting place and as an incubator for international cooperation in research.

Research topics for the near future

Justice organisations and their contexts develop only gradually. In 1999 EGPA set paradigm of Judicial independence versus Judicial accountability (in the context of administration of justice on the national level and within a hierarchy of court organisations), the necessary constitutional safeguards for an unbiased provision of justice compete for attention with themes like: access to justice, efficiency and logistics, media, and ICT. Many judiciaries are almost always in transition, because of technological and societal developments, that continuously challenge the credibility and the authority of the judiciaries and the courts. The need for professional administration and management is imminent, and even more necessary than before, because cutbacks in expenses also in the justice field demand for more efficiency and also for more self-reliance of businesses and citizens when confronted with justice.

The study group is co-chaired by Prof. Dr. Philip Langbroek (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands), Prof. Dr. Andreas Lienhard (University of Bern, Switzerland), Mag. Daniel Kettiger (University of Bern, Switzerland) and Dr. Marco Fabri (Research Institute on Judicial System, National Research Council, Italy).

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