Public Sector and Nonprofit Marketing – Progress Report (2011-2013)


The Study Group co-chairs are:

Prof. Dr. Lucica Matei (NSPSPA, Romania)

Prof. Dr. José Luis Vázquez-Burguete (University of León, Spain)

The PSG XVI was launched in Bucharest at EGPA’s 2011 Annual Conference.

The general aim of the EGPA Permanent Study Group on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (PSG XVI) is to encourage specific researches in this important field of the managerial and administrative sciences, to strengthen the trans-disciplinary context of the public administration studies as well as to consolidate the links between the fields of public administration, public management and economics/ public policies and public and nonprofit marketing.

The PSG XVI aims at providing a place for dialogue for academics, researchers and other specialists on the specific current topics of public and nonprofit marketing. Continuing this dialogue can be achieved by establishing networks, promoting joint projects as well as new research trends of the field-specific processes.

As a field of study and research with a strong applicative feature, the PSG XVI will provide the framework in view to outline the best practices, case studies and comparative studies.

Promoting high standards for research and broad dissemination of public and nonprofit marketing researches results also represent an important objective of the study group.


  • EGPA’s PSG XVI has published the proceedings for its meetings during the 2011 Annual Conference in Bucharest, at Economica Publishing House, Bucharest.
  • In the framework of the platform: Academic Public Administration Studies (APAS) Archive a scientific community was created for ”Public and Nonprofit Marketing (PNM)”, whose important objective ”is focused on emphasizing the role of adequate strategies of public and nonprofit marketing under the conditions of the economic crises”.

– Collaboration for publication

  • Work on a collective book for the research papers of 2012 & 2013.
  • Proposal by editor of the International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing /Springer to publish.
  • Organizational research infrastructure in the public and nonprofit marketing field

The steps taken to create a PSG XVI are compatible with similar concerns of important European and international universities, as well as trans-national structures in the public and nonprofit marketing field.

It is worth to mention:

  • Associations and research centers:

o International Association on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (IAPNM);

o American Marketing Association, Chicago, USA;

o Social Marketers Global Network – online community for those engaged in social marketing;

o Social Marketing Institute at Georgetown University;

o Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing, Ottawa, Canada.

  • Journals:

o Social Marketing Quarterly – an academic journal of social marketing;

o International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing published by IAPNM and Springer;

o Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group;

o International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, Wiley;

  • The Study Group members are co-participants in international events
    • The 10th, 11th, 12th International Congress of IAPNM (June 2011, 2012, 2013)
    • The 3rd, 4th, 5th International Congress on Teaching Cases related to Public and Nonprofit Marketing (Dec. 2011, 2012, 2013)
    • The World Social Marketing Conference
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