PSG XVI: Public Marketing and Communication

Public marketing

Introduction to the “Public Marketing and Communication” Study Group

The general aim of EGPA Permanent Study Group on Public Marketing (PSG XVI) is to encourage specific researches on marketing & communication in public and sector. It focuses on the analysis of marketing strategies and tools adapted by public organisations and more widely by public policies. It also focuses on researches to improve the understanding of customers/citizens behaviours (expectations, attitudes, acceptability, satisfaction…)

This important field of the managerial and administrative sciences aims at strengthening the trans-disciplinary context of public administration studies and bridging the gap between the fields of public administration, public management and economics/public policies and public marketing.

The PSG XVI aims at providing a place for dialogue for academics, researchers and other specialists on the specific current topics of public marketing & communication. Continuing this dialogue can be achieved by establishing networks, promoting joint projects as well as new research trends of the field-specific processes.

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