PSG XV: Public Administration, Technology and Innovation


EGPA PSG on ‘Public Administration, Technology & Innovation’ (PATI) seeks to develop a new research stream that brings together researchers and research topics in the fields of public administration and management (PAM), technology and innovation.

  • The expected outcome of the PSG is a new network of researchers and long-term research projects that enable PAM scholarship to move closer to technology and innovation studies and respective policy fields.
  • The PSG seeks to take PAM closer to new research fields while also bringing specific technology and innovation-related insights into the field of PAM.
  • The PSG is aimed at adding value to the current stream of EGPA research and providing a bridge to take existing stock of PAM scholarship to new emerging research issues that are relevant both academically and from a practitioners point of view.
The PSG fulfills its aims through an active scholarly network, high-level conferences and publications.
The PSG is organized by Tallinn University of Technology, Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance.
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