EU Administration and Multi Level Governance – Organisation and Network

The co-chairs are responsible for the organisation of the PSG’s annual meetings during the EGPA conferences, which remain the core activity of the group. The calls for the annual meetings should be in line with the general objectives of the group, and highlight specific aspects for each year. The explicit goal of the calls is to (a) attract prominent researchers who have contributed to the questions at stake, (b) become more visible in a wider research community to raise interest in the topics, (c) encourage junior researchers who are establishing themselves in the area of research, (d) speak also to practitioners who work within or with public administration.

The underlying ambition is to bring together these various groups by pointing to cutting-edge research questions, offering a selection of high quality research and thus establish the PSG as a platform for whoever is interested in multilevel administration. This should materialize in several collective publication efforts (such as special issues or edited volumes) as well as in the gradual development of an international network in which joint research projects are undertaken. These activities also serve to safeguard the overall sustainability of the study group beyond its current mandate.

The link to practitioners is considered of special value. In order to strengthen the participation and interest of professionals in the RCG, the organisers will try to directly contact potentially interested individuals who promise to be interested in a particular topic. The declared incentive is to enter an exchange between practitioners and researchers from which both sides can profit. For this we intend to organise bi-annual seminars in Brussels in which a dialogue is fostered between academics and practitioners on issues that the PSG considers particularly salient at that time.

Besides the annual EGPA conferences and the seminars in Brussels, further events are welcome but are conditional on the existence of a content-wise link to the PSG’s general research objectives, as well as the availability of additional funding and resources.

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