PSG XII: Public Sector Financial Management

finances[1]Description of EGPA’s “Public Sector Financial Management” PSG Theme

The Permanent Study Group “Public Sector Financial Management” wishes to focus its research agenda for the period 2014-2016 on “Innovating Public Financial Management: challenges and opportunities”.

In parallel, the PSG aims at being a platform for discussing and disseminating recent trends and experiences in Public Financial Management.



The broad aims of this Study Group are:

  • to create a network of scholars and practitioners to exchange ideas, opinions and experiences about public financial management challenges and opportunities;
  • to support and encourage theoretical and practical research into the adoption and implementation of new tools in public financial management, also in an interdisciplinary approach;
  • to explore experiences and tendencies about innovations that have taken place in public financial management;
  • to consider the impact and main benefit of reforms of public financial management inside national, regional and local governments, specifically as a means to improve governments’ accountability and financial sustainability;
  • to encourage the comparison between European and non-European countries in the adoption of new approaches, tools and techniques in public financial management, in particular the adoption of accrual accounting and IPSASs;
  • to discuss changes in management accounting, costing practices and auditing in the public sector;
  • to create a space of dialogue between scholars and practitioners on the challenges and opportunities offered by an innovative approach to PFM, trying to involve also policymakers;
  • to support and stimulate the publication of researches in the field of innovation in public financial management.

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Complete Programme 2007-2009 with Footnotes

In this document the EGPA Study Group on Public Sector Financial Management defines its research strategy and outlines a preliminary planning of its: a) aims and relative research activities in the three-year period 2007-2009, b) meeting strategy and c) publication strategy.
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