An unsuccessful application for funding was made in relation to the  project described below. It is still the intention of the team that they will conduct a comparative study, however, it is thought that some preliminary  work done in some of the  countries could produce  publications which would provide a firmer foundation for such a project. Some preliminary research is  being carried out in the UK and Denmark in 2012.


Following the call by the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights to link National Ombudsman Institutions (NOI) with National Human Rights Institutions into National Human Rights Structure (NHRS) this project would compare and analyse arrangements, powers and duties where ombudsmen have a specific human rights jurisdiction and where they do not, consider their relationships with courts, Parliament and Governments and where applicable the NHRI. Amongst the reasons for considering the NOI’s in relation to  human rights are the different powers and approaches developed in their work on maladministration, not least that they make non-binding recommendations for remedy, which provides for a more co-operative style of control than coercive style of the courts.


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