PSG X: Law and Public Administration

lawThis EGPA study group aims at fostering interdisciplinary study of the practice and theory of law in public administration and policy on national and European scales.

The group is a permanent meeting place for scholars and practitioners from different fields: social scientists, jurists and economists working in academia and public institutions, as well as civil servants working in national and supranational institutions. We want to combine external and internal perspectives on law in a public administration context. Internal perspective son law relate to juridical analysis and efforts to improve legal (sub) systems from the perspectives of rules & legal history, jurisprudence and comments. The external perspectives can be of different kinds, as they confront (administrative) law with motives that often are external to law, like efficiency and timeliness of administration, the accountability of public agencies, transparency of government and citizen’s participation in decision-making.


Event : Center for Good Governance Studies at FSPAC and the Law doctoral School, with the European Law Students Association and Center for European Law of the Romanian Academy organize the International conference EUROPEANISATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW AND CODIFICATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE featuring the book launch of the Romanian version of the RENEUAL Code of Administrative Procedure.

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