PSG IX: Teaching Public Administration


The Permanent Study Group IX “Public Administration and Teaching” was initiated at the EGPA Conference in Berne 2005.

The Study Group aims to be a platform for discussing and disseminating recent trends and experiences in education and training within the public sector. The Permanent Study Group wants to achieve the following objectives:

  • To exchange ideas, opinions and experiences about teaching and training Public Administration/Management.
  • To explore current tendencies in professional training and reflect on different approaches followed by academic and professional institutions, as well as to identify successful systems of cooperation between academia and the professional world.
  • To create a platform for academic cooperation between institutions offering programs in Public Administration: curriculum development, exchanges, joint modules, etc.
  • To contribute to quality assurance of educational programs in the field of PA, also in close collaboration with the European Association for Public Administration accreditation (EAPAA;
  • To reinforce doctoral programs by sharing current tendencies and connecting doctoral training with research in Public Administration on a pan-European level.

Since a few years, the newly established journal “Teaching Public Administration” (TPA; published by Sage) is informally related to the study group. In 2014, TPA together with the PSG will announce a “Best Paper Award”.

Participants of this Study Group are invited to contribute to the annual sessions. Theoretical papers on Public Administration education and training, but also practical experiences and case studies are equally welcome. The following issues were in the past of particular interest:

  • Experiences with the “Bologna” system of BA and MA degrees in PA.
  • Recent trends of midcareer Master programs in PA
  • Experiences with new teaching approaches, didactics and methods, e.g. training of soft skills, internships or e-learning
  • Learning outcomes and “competences” in PA
  • Educational trends in other parts of the world (e.g. in North/South America, in Asia or Australia), program comparisons
  • New developments in quality assurance and accreditation of PA academic programs

All academics and professionals who are involved in teaching or training in the field of public administration (including public management, public policy and other related areas) are invited to meet our group and to come to one of our meetings at the annual EGPA conferences. Please contact one of the chairs (see details below).

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