Local Governance and Democracy – Activity Report 2005-2013

Aims, strategy, activities and publications

The Permanent Study Group on Local Governance and Democracy, founded in 2005, sees itself as a forum for academic discussions and exploration of research and theory on local governance and democracy within the EGPA-network. The aims of our Permanent Study Group are:

  • To stimulate the exchange of academic ideas,
  • To generate mutual inspiration and interest in the study and understanding of local governance and democracy,
  • To continuously develop a network of international researchers focusing on local governance and democracy,
  • To stimulate the exchange of ideas and insights between academics and practitioners.

In order to reach the aims, PGS-IV developed a strategy with the following characteristics:

  • Organise panel sessions on a specific theme at the annual EGPA conference
  • Act as platform for researchers in the field of local and regional governance and democracy
  • Provide publication possibilities for excellent papers, that is, a special issue of Local Government Studies, each year (as arranged with the Journal’s editorial board), and every two years a refereed volume
  • Create a network of researchers in order to enabling international co-operation in research projects or teaching
  • Organise the network in such a way, preferably on the internet, that researchers can easily get access to expertise

The kind of activities has changed over the years. In the first years, PSG-IV only had its annual meetings at the EGPA Conference.  In addition to that, the directors decided to occasionally organise in-between and smaller-scale seminars (without papers, but with ‘rich’ presentations of original research and focussed discussions) and to invoke participation of practitioners. Eventually, other regular participants of the meetings took initiatives to organise such meetings. Finally, a panel has been organised at another conference than EGPA. In sum:

  • Annual meetings at the EGPA Conference, from 2005 on.
  • In-between seminars:
    • The Hague (2010): Results of Amalgamation
    • Potsdam (2011): Results of Amalgamation (continuation)
    • Rovaniemi (2012): Big Society, Small Government?
    • Ankara (2013): Local Governance Today: European and Turkish Experience in Local Politics, Democracy and Governance and Reciprocal Lessons
    • Workshop on “Transformation of local government in Central and Eastern Europe. A balance 25 years after the revolution” (working title), 2014 (plan)
  • Panel at the IPSA Conference, 2012.
  • Co-organising the TED, 2014.

Finally, PSG-IV provides for a number of publication possibilities:

  • Edited volumes, provided the quality and quantity of the sub-mitted presented papers are sufficient.
  • The PSG directors select a number of papers and stimulate and assist the authors to submit their revised paper to Local Government Studies.

Detailed information can be found in the appendix.

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