PSG IV: Local Governance and Democracy

LocalThis Study Group on Local Governance & Democracy wants to give a new start to academic discussions on local governance and local democracy in the EGPA network.

Many researchers in Public Administration are dealing with topics of local governance.

The name of the Study group reflects that political and administrative issues are at stake. The aim of the Study Group is to stimulate the exchange of academic ideas, mutual inspiration and the creation of a network of international co-operating researchers. Second goal is to stimulate the exchange of ideas and insights between academics and practitioners. In the organisation of the study group these goals can be recognised.

Ideas on structuring the annual meetings

SGLG&D is aiming at a combination of guaranteed in-depth academic discussions on the theme of the year, an open forum to contributions on other interesting developments in local governance and local democracy, and an open forum to practitioners. Access will be limited to those who have taken the effort of writing a paper.

In programming the meetings, we will distinguish four types of sessions:

Discussions on the theme of the year.

Discussions can take the shape of presentations of academic papers in which the theme of the year is being discussed. Another option is a small panel discussion with discussants selected from the participants of the study group or outside the group. The organising committee will reserve the right to decide whether a certain paper deals with the theme or not.

Discussions on academic contributions that lay outside that years’ theme but are worthy discussing.

The time reserved for these discussions will be limited, though.

Discussions on practitioners’ papers.

Small group meetings in which participants will be stimulated to organise international co-operation, joint writing efforts, joint research proposals, et cetera.

The emphasis will be on the first type of meetings.

Depending on the wishes of the participants, the focus may shift and the small group meetings may be prioritised. We think it is of importance to stimulate international co-operation. In order to do so, the co-ordination team will do its utmost to formulate a book proposal and/or a thematic issue of an international journal.


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