French-Speaking Seminar – Activity Report (2010-2013)

This report is bi-lingual

EGPA French-Speaking Seminar Progress Report

For EGPA’s Permanent Study Groups Directors’ Meeting

Edinburgh 11-13 Sept 2013

Key facts

  • Three years of the French-Speaking Seminar
  • Representing French-speaking countries and countries of the Organisation de la Francophonie (8 countries in the 27-members EU, 57 countries worldwide)
  • Constant stream of contributions on various fields of public administration
  • Connecting academics and practitioners (2013 signature of a cooperation agreement with IGPDE, institute of the Ministry of Finance, Industry, and Economy France)
  • Growing ties with French-speaking networks
  • Fostering debates between the French- and English-speaking academic communities

Mission and aims

The French-Speaking Seminar (F2S), launched in Bucharest at EGPA’s 2011 annual conference, continues its mission of cultivating IIAS’ co-founding languages, English and French.

The community coagulating around the Seminar confirms the interest of reopening public administration debates to a linguistic space that provides alternative vocabulary, patterns of thought, scientific approaches and norms, and political-administrative cultures.

Moreover, the Seminar underlines EGPA’s capacity to bring together researchers and ideas of both languages of scientific enquiry, encouraging new membership, and cross fertilizations with Permanent Study Groups.

The Scientific Committee’s conviction that the Seminar should not grow as a regular PSG, is upheld, themes and organization evolving yearly. Among its missions, the Seminar is seen as an area of first contact with researchers and professionals whose command of English is not yet perfected, working against language-bound inhibitions, and eventually adjoining them to EGPA’s community. It must also function as a maturing space for original ideas and concepts of French-expression that will, once stabilized, come to enrich the debates of EGPA’s PSGs.

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