Welcome Message of Prof. Dr. Edoardo Ongaro, President of EGPA

EdoardoOngaroIt is with great enthusiasm that EGPA ‘goes back’ to a place which is so important to its history: the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer. It is in Speyer that the idea of a European group for public administration arose, almost forty years ago. It is in Speyer that the major event of EGPA for the year 2014, the annual conference, takes place.

Speyer is one of the major institutions and ‘home’ to public administration scholarship in Germany. It is also a symbol of a Europe capable of thinking of itself as a community of destiny: Speyer was established by the French occupational authority, in the aftermath of the end of World War II, to provide Germany with a centre of expertise to educate its future public servants. We are now in another moment of transition for Europe – perhaps less dramatic but not less fraught with implications for the future generations: it is therefore of high significance that the community of public administration scholars gathers this year in Speyer.

It is thus for me a pleasure and an honour to invite scholars and practitioners of public administration to contribute to the 2014 EGPA annual conference in Speyer. I hope and trust that our works can be inspired by the past achievements of the public administration community, that they can be up to the task of the contemporary challenges, that they can be a valuable bequest to the future generations of public administration scholars and practitioners.

Prof Edoardo Ongaro

EGPA President

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