Invitation from the Editor-in-Chief of IRAS/RISA to Publish your Conference Paper – In FOUR Languages!

IRAS/RISA usually publishes some of the best papers from EGPA conferences. Not everyone realizes all the advantages of publishing in IRAS/RISA, so it may help if I spell some of them out here:

  • You may submit in French or English
  • If accepted, your paper will be published not only in the French (RISA) and English (IRAS) editions of the journal, but also in the Chinese and Spanish editions.  Translations into other languages will be arranged by the journal – you do not have to organize that yourself
  • IRAS is published by Sage and has a very wide global circulation both in hard copy and electronically.  Electronic downloads of articles were running at well over 75,000 in 2013.
  • IRAS is a JCR-ranked journal and its impact score has risen every year since 2005.
  • The French edition (RISA) is also available on an electronic platform – (as well as in hard copy, as in the past)

All submitted papers that are assessed as suitable by the editors will then be subjected to a double-blind review process. It needs to be understood that quite a lot of papers fall out at this stage – in fact, like all top journals, we receive many more papers than we can publish.

How to submit

There are basically two ways of approaching submission.  One is to submit as an individual   In which case it is very simple:

To submit in English and in French, go to the website:

and upload your paper  (8000 words max) according to the instructions.

If you are a Study Group chairperson, then consider the following second possibility:

The other way of approaching submission is to think in terms of submitting a group of related papers, to be published as a symposium. In this case the study group chairperson should submit a 2-5 page outline of the proposed symposium/theme which should include: A statement of the theme/focus/topic; A rationale as to why this topic is important at the present time; A statement as to what would be novel/original in the particular treatment proposed; A list of all the paper titles, each with a very brief abstract; The names and affiliations of the proposed authors and An estimated timetable for the writing and submission of the papers. This proposal should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, [email protected], and to the Journal Manager, [email protected].

Prof. Andrew Massey

IRAS Editor in Chief

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