IIAS Study Group III : Trust and Public Attitudes


Citizen Attitudes and Behaviors from an Experimental Perspective
Towards an Experimental Public Administration?

Call for papers

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9-10 September, 2014 prior to the EGPA-conference
Speyer, Germany

Background and Topics

The study of citizen attitudes towards government, and the way how citizens respond to changes on how public services are delivered is steadily increasing. But while public administration scholars in the field of public attitudes traditionally use large-scale, and/or cross-national datasets to study citizens views of, and behaviors towards public administration and more, currently an increasing amount of empirical researchers within the discipline start using experimental methods to study causal phenomena related to public attitudes and behaviors. However, up to now there exists no community of public administration scholars that study citizen attitudes and behaviors from an experimental perspective. The proposed workshops aims to bring together scholars from around the world that use experimental techniques researching citizen attitudes and behaviors towards government to develop such a community, to provide each other with relevant feedback on study results and research designs for planned experiments.

We invite scholars from around the world to participate in this workshop. It will be held one day prior to the EGPA conference in Speyer, Germany, and last one and a half days (9-10 September, starting at 1pm on the 9th).

Deadline for submission of paper abstracts: May 09, 2014.

Please send abstracts to the workshop organisers ([email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]): Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words, and contain information on research question(s), theoretical approach, and research design.

Notification to authors: May 16, 2014

Authors whose abstracts have been selected will be invited to present their full papers at the workshop. Authors should send their completed papers to the workshop organisers by September 2, 2014. There will be no workshop participation fee, however, it will be selective (18-20 participants max.).


Contact information of workshop organisers:

Steven Van de Walle (Erasmus University Rotterdam, [email protected])

Soonhee Kim (Syracuse University, [email protected])

Sebastian Jilke (Erasmus University Rotterdam, [email protected])

About the IIAS Study Group on Trust and Public Attitudes:

The IIAS Study Group on Trust and Public Attitudes aims to be an intellectual platform and meeting place for debate among public administration and management researchers analysing public attitudes. The Study Group will not only invest in analysis, but will also stimulate the exchange of ideas with relevant government organisations.

Specific objectives of the Study Group are:

  •  To empirically analyse determinants and consequences of citizen attitudes towards public services and trust in public administration;
  • To compare levels of public trust across countries and attitudes to public services across countries and jurisdictions, and to identify factors explaining cross-national or cross-jurisdictional variation;
  • To share methodological skills to analyse large scale datasets and stimulate the diffusion new analytic tools and methodological innovations
  • To share and disseminate national and international datasets measuring attitudes towards the public sector, public services and government;
  • To compare and assess the international conceptual and measurement equivalence of items and scales used to measure trust and attitudes to the public sector;
  • To develop common scales and work towards the creation of shared data collection facilities.

The study Group is currently led by Soonhee Kim (Syracuse University), Masaso Kikuchi (Meiji University), and Steven Van de Walle (Erasmus University Rotterdam). In December 2012, the Study Group had a successful workshop on trust in public administration in Seoul, South-Korea.

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