About Germany and City of Speyer

Germany is rich in strong traditions, charming villages in the middle of landscapes full of sweetness in preserved medieval towns , often reconstructed as there were after the war. Folklore Franconian the Baden-Württemberg forests, from the beaches of the Baltic to Bavarian castles , from the small roads of Rhine to the Danube, a Germany “deep” and peaceful does exists, away from heavy industry and sprawl caused by the twentieth century.

Germany holds museums among the most beautiful in the world , Gothic cathedrals and baroque castles, ” kolossales ” parties and dollhouses .

That’s the tradition , but modern side , what would be Germany without creativity coupled with its commercial dynamism ? You will be surprised to discover a breathtaking architecture , inspired at the forefront of the avant-garde art and design made in Germany . Every day new trends are born , develop new ideas, often to the credit of a youth whose originality and freedom will amaze you …


The City of Speyer


Map of the City of Speyer

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