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Forum international de l’OCDE-OIM-UNDESA sur les statistiques migratoires 15-16 janvier 2018, Paris

Appel à communications et sessions parallèles 

Forum international  sur les statistiques migratoires (IFMS-2018)

L’IFMS-2018 ivse à mobiliser l’expertise d’un large éventail de disciplines – telles que les statistiques, l’économie, la démographie, la sociologie, la science géospatiale et les technologies de l’information – qui peuvent contribuer à améliorer la compréhension globale du phénomène migratoire. Le Forum explorera des moyens novateurs de mesurer la mobilité de la population et générera des statistiques en temps opportun et vise à créer des synergies entre différents acteurs et perspectives, avec des représentants des pays d’origine, des pays “de transit” et de “pays hôte”. Le Forum fournira également une occasion unique aux décideurs d’entrer en contact direct avec les experts en données de migration et d’utiliser leur expertise pour alimenter les évaluations des politiques et identifier les meilleures options politiques.

Le Forum sera organisé autour des cinq thèmes suivants: (i) Mesure des migrations (concepts, définitions, désagrégation par statut migratoire, etc.), (ii) Innovation et synthèse des sources de données (nouvelles sources et approches de la collecte des données de migration, les besoins de données en temps réel, etc.), (iii) Comprendre la migration à travers les données (écart dans les statistiques de migration, les données pour répondre aux préoccupations politiques, etc., (iv) Coopération et gouvernance des données (p. Ex. Coordination des parties prenantes, partage / échange de données, etc.) , et (v) Renforcement des capacités (p. Ex. Stratégies visant à renforcer la capacité institutionnelle, l’alphabétisation des données, l’utilisation des statistiques, etc.).

Les sujets et applications spécifiques pourraient inclure, entre autres (i) la surveillance mondiale, régionale ou nationale des flux et des stocks de migration, (ii) l’identification des caractéristiques ou des comportements des migrants, (iii) l’analyse de l’opinion publique sur la migration, (iv) l’évaluation de l’impact économique et social des migrations et des envois de fonds vers les pays d’origine, de transit ou de destination, (iv) la mesure des résultats d’intégration et de bien-être des immigrants et de leurs enfants ou (v) la mesure des indicateurs ODD liés aux migrations et aux migrants et la contribution au Global Compact on Migration.

Echéance pour la submission: 30 Juin 2017
Contact : [email protected]

Télécharger l’appel à communication complet

An opportunity to contribute. Preparations for the 2017 edition of the World Public Sector Report 2017 (WPSR) are now underway. This call for contributions invites experts, scientists and researchers to contribute to the report highlighting issues, research findings or solutions. All contributions and briefs that meet the requirements of this call will be posted on the website of the 2017 WPSR, and their content will inform relevant chapters of the Report.

The report is called the World Public Sector Report, and it is published by the Division for Public Administration and Development Management  of UN DESA. they hope to publish the next edition in December 2017. The report will examine how governments, public institutions and public administration can foster integrated approaches to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. The first part of the report will examine integration and its implications for the public sector through three complementary lenses: (1) horizontal integration; (2) vertical integration; and (3) engagement of all stakeholders.

The second part of the report will examine three issues more in depth: integrated approaches to international migrations; integrated approaches to health; and integration in post-conflict situations. These themes will be analysed through the lens of challenges and opportunities for public institutions, and address three dimensions of horizontal integration, vertical integration and civil society engagement.

All chapters will draw on national experiences.

Deadline for submissions is 30 August 2017

More information on :

The Future of Local Government in Europe. Lessons from Research and Practice in 31 Countries

(Schwab/Bouckaert/Kuhlmann 2017, Nomos: Baden-Baden) has been published.

It is also available for free download here:

Over recent decades, local governments in Europe have come increasingly under pressure facing a multitude of old and new challenges. Consequently, a wave of political and administrative reforms aimed at coping with these pressures has changed local governance in many nations. Local governments are not only responsible for efficient administration, high-quality services and a legally correct execution of laws, but also for ensuring legitimacy, democratic participation, accountability and trust – often under the conditions of austerity. This volume presents research findings of an international project on local public sector reforms in 31 countries and derives advice for policymakers to shape the future of local governments in Europe. The authors address basic reform areas and key features of local governance like autonomy, performance and participation. The book targets academics, students and practitioners interested in (the future of) local government.

More about COST

In addition, EGPA Executive Secretary, Fabienne Maron, has interviewed Prof. Sabine Kuhlmann, Chair of the Action  during the COST closing session. She invites you to read the new publication on the future of Local Government in Europe and the lessons learned from this long-term project.

European Perspectives for Public Administration (EPPA) –  “The many Disciplines of Public Administration”

Seminar for  PhD students and early stage Post-Doctoral Researchers

14-15 September 2017 – University of Potsdam, Germany

If you want to improve the interdisciplinary field of PA, join us !

We invite early stage researchers (PhD students and PhD + 4 years) from disciplines such as Public Administration, Administrative Law, Public Policy, Economics, Public Management, Sociology and Political Science who are interested in the relationship of different disciplines to Public Administration, both as an academic field and as an object of teaching and research. We are interested in how different disciplines relate to PA, concerning main problems and characteristics, and possible future developments.

The Seminar is part of EPPA, the ‘European Perspectives for Public Administration’. More information:

Contact person :

To apply for contribution, please send your outline and CV to Jana Bertels ([email protected] ) and refer to “Contribution to EPPA Seminar -The many Disciplines of PA” in the subject line.

Deadline for application: April 16, 2017

Download the Call for application

MANIAEntry Requirement

If you are interested in the linkages between political and administrative sciences, and if you have a desire to do interdisciplinary and research-oriented work, you already possess the basic requirement for this Master’s program.

Prerequisites for admission to the Master’s program: first professional academic degree, e.g. a Bachelor’s degree in a subject relevant to the Master’s program, like in the administrative sciences, political science, or law during your studies you should have acquired knowledge in the core areas of political/administrative science as well as in social science methodology very good proficiency in the English language (at least level C1) as well as German proficiency corresponding to at least level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
Further program specific admission requirements can be found in the admission regulations for the Master’s program:


Please submit your application for National and International

Administration and Policy (Master of Arts) to the

online-portal for applications uni-assist e. V.


Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann

Chair of Political Science, Administration and Organization II

Campus Griebnitzsee

Building 7, Room 2.22

Phone: +49 331 977-3509

E-Mail: [email protected]

Download MANIA’s information flyer

09 Mar 2015


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The Faculty of Economics and Management of the Free University of Bolzano/Bozen is seeking excellent candidates to fill the following academic position : “Full or Associate Professor in Management”

Description : PDF

Contact Person : Prof. Christian Lechner

E-mail : [email protected]

9hnsekc96krrOpen position:
Professor of Public Management, as of 1 January 2015

The position of Professor focuses on public management. Public management refers to the management of both public administrative organizations and public societies. The position centres on current micro-level administrative issues within public management, especially on the management of public organizations that are in a state of redevelopment. The focal themes also include change and change management, which pose a challenge to management and leadership in organizations. The duties of the position consist of field-related research, research-based teaching, development of international research collaboration, acquisition of research funding, academically competent publishing with a special emphasis on international production, and postgraduate degree education.

The position adheres to the subject of administrative science in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Lapland. Administrative science forms a pool of subjects together with applied psychology and management. The professor is required to play an active role in the subject pool.

The position of Professor of Public Management lies within the internationally recognized profile area of Arctic and Northern research at the University of Lapland. The strategic focus areas of the position are wellbeing and changing work.

The professor’s salary is based on the universities’ salary system, teaching and research personnel’s competence levels 8–10. The job-specific salary component is thus € 4597,75 – € 5865,99 € per month. In addition, the total salary includes a personal salary component amounting up to 46.3% of the job-specific salary component.

More information appointment procedure.

The application must contain the applicant’s CV, list of publications, teaching portfolio, and other relevant documents. The required language of the application documents is English. The application documents must include the publications (max. 15 and in three identical copies) that are to be assessed by experts

Applications are to be addressed to the University of Lapland and delivered no later than 7 April 2014 at 1:00 pm to the following address: University of Lapland, PO Box 122 (Registry, Yliopistonkatu 8), FI-96101 Rovaniemi, Finland. Application documents will not be returned.

Further information can be requested from Dean Juha Perttula or Professor Antti Syväjärvi ([email protected]).

Full description OPEN POSITION Professor of Public Management

Apply Online

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