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The IIAS and its entities are proud to announce that its immediate past President, Pan-suk Kim, has been appointed by Korean PresidentJae-in Moon  as a new Minister in the Ministry of Personnel Management ( “As a scholar specializing in personnel and administrative affairs, he has contributed to developing the nation’s public personnel system. He is strong in both theory and practical affairs,” presidential spokesman Soo-hyun Park said.

Pan suk Kim, a member of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences’ Council of Administration, served as President of IIAS, EGPA’s Umbrella organisation, between 2010 and 2013 and was a member of IASIA’s Board of Management for several years and served as a Vice Chairperson of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration (UNCEPA).

We wish Pan-suk Kim the best in his new position and look forwards to strengthen the ties between our Member state of Korea and the Institute. 

See his inauguration

We are happy to announce that Dr. Sofiane Sahraoui was appointed as the new Director general of the IIAS during the Council of Administration meeting in February 2017. He took his office on May 2nd, succeeding Mr. Rolet Loretan who is retiring.

Mr. Loretan has held this position since November 2006 and the IIAS is grateful for his commitment during those past ten years at the head of the Permanent administrative services of the Institute and we wish him all the best in this new chapter in his life.

Dr Sahraoui is a well-known figure in the IIAS Family. A Franco-Tunisian national, he worked at the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) for many years. He participated to the foundation of the MENAPAR Network and is sitting at the Board of Management of our International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) as well as co-chair of its working group on “Public Policy and Decision-Making.” He was designated as General Rapporteur of the 2013 Congress of IIAS/IASIA and the 2017 IASIA/MENAPAR conference.


During the 2016 EGPA Annual Conference in Utrecht, Edoardo Ongaro, from Northumbria University, UK was appointed by the Steering Committee as President for a second three years term.

The Steering Committee was also renewed for the next three years.

We’d like to express our congratulations to Edoardo and the new Steering Committee members and thank those who have stepped down for their services to EGPA.



The Executive Editors of Developments in Administration – The e-journal of IIAS, IASIA and regional groups are pleased to inform you that the first issue of the e-journal is now available.

This e-journal aims at expanding knowledge about developments in the public administration and public sector in countries and regions not extensively covered in the major journals in Public Administration and this issue issue covers countries and topics such a Sustainable development, alternative public service deliveries, decision-making in times of crisis in Brazil, public service quality and perception in Qatar and public service failures in Nigeria and Ghana.

Developments in Administration is only available electronically. You can download the whole journal as a PDF document, or choose to read individual article (as a PDF or on the website).

We hope that you will find this new publication initiative enriching and if you would like to contribute to the next issue, do not hesitate to read the journal’s focus and requirements.

The executive editors : Juraj Nemec, Michiel de Vries and Robert Fouchet


Juraj Nemec (left) is congratulated by Hendri Kroukamp, Vice President of IASIA for Programmes

We have the pleasure to announce that Juraj Nemec was elected president of NISPACee during its annual conference that just took place in Zagreb. Juraj is Professor of Public Finance and Public Management, at Masaryk University (Czech Republic) and a long-time friend of IASIA/IIAS. He is further involved in IASIA’s management as Vice-President for Publications.

Our sincere congratulations, Juraj!


Eva_Thomann2The EGPA Permanent Study Group XIII on Public Policies is pleased to announce that its co-chair, Dr. Eva Thomann, has been selected as a 2016 Founders’ Fellows by the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). The ASPA Founders’ Fellows program recognizes outstanding students and new professionals in the field of public service and public administration. Founders’ Fellows present their scholarship during the ASPA Annual Conference and receive substantial professional development, networking and mentoring opportunities. The PSG XIII welcomes this as an opportunity to enhance the visibility and impact of its mission and activities, and strengthen the general ties between EGPA and ASPA.

Find more information here:

06 Dec 2013

Discover our Brand New Websites!

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image article new web -- EGPA jpeg

You will immediately notice the dynamism of this new layout. The navigation has been completely revamped and simplified to promote a more modern and more user-friendly approach.

The homepage now enhances our latest news, the knowledge portal, our activities and those of our partners.

A major change: interaction

With a login zone (in “Members Space“), our contacts / members can now manage their profiles directly in our secured online database (contact information, area of ​​expertise, member profile, etc..).

For the sake of professionalism we have also developed our own tool for managing events.

Very soon, you will be able to register as participants and / or authors to all our events directly via our website. Your personal data will be automatically listed on our online database and your username will be stored to each future events.

In the near future, our members will have the same opportunity to contribute, enrich and directly publish their activities and news on our websites.

Currently, only the IIAS, IASIA and EGPA websites benefited from this brand new design. Our next challenge will focus on two key points:

  • the enlargement of this internet platform to our regional groups AGPA and LAGPA;
  • the creation of discussion boards standardised within each project, study and working groups.

Do not hesitate give us your opinion!

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