EGPA is, together with NISPAcee, one of the two constituting members of the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA).

As an independent entity, EAPAA organises the accreditation of public administration bachelor and master degree programmes in the whole of Europe (and the former CIS-countries).Members of EGPA can be affiliated to EAPAA.

When affiliated, they are kept informed about the developments with respect to accreditation, and will have opportunities to discuss accreditation related issues in the EAPAA Advisory Panel which will meet during EGPA conferences.

Furthermore, affiliated EGPA members are entitled to significantly reduced accreditation fees, when they ask EAPAA to accredit their programme(s).
Affiliated members pay an (extra) accreditation services fee to EGPA. More and up-to-date information about the accreditation criteria and procedures can be found on the EAPAA website.

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