Testimony: Marco Meneguzzo

Marco Meneguzzo

Age: 56

Position: Full professor of Public & Non profit Management

Institution: University of Rome Tor Vergata & University of Lugano


– Why are you a researcher/teacher in the field of PA?

During university studies, aged 21, I was elected in a local council of the City of Milan. Afterwards (28-30) I was vice-director of a local healthcare ageny (metropiltana area of Milan) . My first interest in public administrations was, therefore, from the lenses of a young politician. Only afterwards I got interested in how public administrations work  and what enables them to achieve satisfactory results. After an early professional experience (finance), I decided  to start working at the Bocconi University, which had activated a department  on research, training and consulting dedicated to the public sector.

–  What impact do you want your work to have? What difference do you/did you want to make?

I think, while  the  consulting activity  I have provided on various occasions to public administrations have had a certain effect, the same cannot be said with reference to the my research activities carried  by academia.

Far more relevant has been the impact of my commitment to pre and post-graduate training either in terms of increased interest of young student towards the public sector or to revise their  prejudices towards the role of public administrations.

– If PA would not exist, why should we invent it (or not)? 

Considering that the public administration does not exist (or better said is really weak) in countries dominated by narcotrafficking (Guinea Bissau) or terrorism (Somalia), I think that a world without public administrations is scarcely probable.

As researchers of public administrations, we should question dominating approaches and propose original ones. Two possible issues on this regards are: common goods and public governance / regulation and social innovation versus the definition of the border between the state and the market.

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