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30 Apr 2014

World Bank Launches iChallenge

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ichallengeOn April 16, 2014, the World Bank and several partners launched the iChallenge: an effort to crowd source ideas for indicators that measure the strength of governance and public management systems. (

Running until July 1, 2014, the iChallenge is looking for ideas from practitioners, researchers, academics and general citizens for indicators that are:

  • action-worthy (empirically or plausibly connect with development outcomes),
  • actionable (governments can do something to improve their scores),
  • behavioral (measure the functioning of institutions rather than their form) and
  • can be applied across a variety of country contexts.

For now, the iChallenge is focusing on indicators that cover public financial management, procurement, tax administration, public administration and civil service, and public information systems. Indicators that address transparency and accountability in each of these systems are particularly encouraged.

The goal of the iChallenge is to raise awareness of the need for additional measures that meet these criteria, start a public conversation on what these measures could look like, and identify several indicators that could be piloted or scaled up. The iChallenge is part of a larger project aiming to identify and build consensus around a set of indicators of the strength of public management systems (ISPMS).

Participating in the iChallenge is simple. Visit to share your idea and comment on those submitted by others. The website includes more details about what types of indicators we are looking for, as well as what indicators already exist that measure the strength of public management systems. We’re looking for ideas for indicators that improve upon existing measures—these indicators may already be used by countries and their partners, or be entirely new.

All ideas that meet our basic criteria will be published on the website and in a menu of indicators that will be made widely available. An Evaluation Body composed of leading experts and chaired by Francis Fukuyama will review entries and select the top three to be presented at a workshop in the fall of 2014 at the World Bank. A full list of Evaluation Body members is available on the website.

International meetings of public management

14 may, 2014


away-with-public-managementEGPA and IGPDE would like to inform you that a Conference on the theme: “Doing Away With the New Public Management” will be held in Paris.

These meetings devoted to the New Public Management will be an opportunity to question the performance-based management, the quest for money in public services and the anti-bureaucratic rhetoric promoted by this particular administration management method. It will also offer in the form of short, punchy lectures, new food for thought for policy development.

This conference will be held from 8:30 am to 5 pm
at 139 rue de Bercy (Bercy government sites) in Paris

Access the program

You can register now by filling out the interactive form *

Contact: [email protected]

Heads of project: Nicolas Matyjasik and Marie  Alauzen

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