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untestedideasThe 2nd Untested Ideas (UI) International Research Conference is being held on June 27-29, 2014 at at the Sheraton Rhodes Resort in Rhodes, Greece.

Topics for Discussion

Contributions are invited from a range of situated positions, including entrepreneurs, policymakers and academics, that:

  • Explore the links between entrepreneurship and urban economic development
  • Examine the role of entrepreneurs in urban economic development policy
  • Evaluate policy initiatives and entrepreneurial ventures
  • Analyse entrepreneurship education programmes and entrepreneurial learning
  • Challenge existing theories of entrepreneurship and develop new concepts and identify new possibilities
  • Propose new theoretical constructs which advance thinking in entrepreneurship and urban economic development
  • Stimulate entrepreneurial policy and practice concerns
  • Recognise innovative methodologies for entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Consider entrepreneurship behaviours and traits
  • Appraise entrepreneurial decisions and entrepreneurial activity
  • Explore entrepreneurship in the public and voluntary sectors as well as in the private sector
  • Classify the impact of social interactions and networks on entrepreneurial outcomes

Call for papers

Manuscript submission will be required by April 30, 2014. All completed manuscripts submitted to the conference will be reviewed for publication in the Edited Book Entrepreneurship and Urban Economic Development: Conceptual and Policy Debates and a Special Issue of the journal Leadership and Policy Quarterly. The Book and Special Issue are both scheduled for publication in 2014.

If you wish to discuss your paper with a member of the editorial team then please contact Dr Lorraine Johnston ([email protected]) in the first instance.

Read more on the full call for paper or visit the Conference page on Untested Ideas.

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